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2 m rear mounted rotary mower



2 825 + MwSt
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  • Seitenbewegung (mm)Seitenbewegung (mm)...
    400 mm
  • Arbeitsbreite
    2000 mm
  • Schnitthöhe
    3-15 mm
  • Gewicht
    440 kg
  • min. PS
    30 hp

The orchard mower is a three-point linkage (three-point linkage) mounted machine designed to work with agricultural tractors of 0.6T class. The orchard mower is used for mowing grass in orchards, berries, meadows, on lawns. Low height and streamlined shapes allow to use it in modern orchards. The machine has adjustable cutting height. Crushed grass remains on the ground as organic fertilizer. The machine cannot be used in stoned areas. The machine's casing is a welded steel structure made of sections and plates. At the front and back of the body, there are rubber protective strips, and at the sides of the body there is a guard to prevent the chopped material from being thrown away by rotating rotors with cutting knives. The mower connection can be symmetrical along the axis of the tractor or with an offset to the right up to 40 cm. The offset is made by hand with the machine disconnected from the tractor by moving the three-point linkage on the fixed bar, securing the offset with a screw. In the centre of the housing there is an intermediate gearbox mounted, which transmits the drive to the end gearboxes to which the knife rotors with cutting knives are attached. The height of mowing is regulated by the rear support roller with the use of spacer sleeves (by placing or removing on the vertical pin of the roller) and the hydraulic jack of the tractor.

- streamline shape
- lightweight design allowing aggregation with smaller orchard tractors
- low contsruction
- hidraulic sidehsift


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2 825 + MwSt

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